Waterbed Mattress: Is it a Novelty or a Necessity?

A mattress is a product used primarily for sleeping which is placed on a sturdy frame for support. It is made of materials such as fabric, cotton, straw, foam rubber or metal springs. But throughout time, people innovated mattresses and now there is a mattress called the waterbed mattress.

A waterbed mattress or waterbed is a mattress filled with water. That's a simple definition of this product. This type of bed was intended for medical therapies and people with ailments through the 19th century. In 1971, the waterbed was innovated, and more modern versions soon followed. It was a hit in San Francisco and was patented during that time. Since then, It became a very popular product in the United States and in other countries up to now.

Advantages of a Waterbed Mattress

There are several advantages of a waterbed over the traditional beds:

• One special feature of the waterbed is that it minimizes pressure by allowing the bed to shape exactly as the body. It allows the spinal muscles to relax because there is no pressure on the spine when you lay down.
• This can also help in reducing the risk of bed sores for bedridden patients or movement-impaired persons.
• It is also excellent for people suffering from back pains, easing the pressure when they lay down.
• Another feature is that you can heat the waterbed. It is a therapeutic way to relax the back especially for people who often have backaches due to stressful and heavy work.
• Because it is sealed shut, there will be no possibility of having dust mites inside your bed, with lessened accumulation of allergens and other particles on the surface. This is great for people who are suffering from asthma attacks, or those with different types of allergies.

How to Clean

A waterbed mattress can be cleaned easily by just wiping off the dirt and dead skin particles periodically with a piece of cloth and vinyl cleaner. You should also take the time to check out the mattress to make sure that everything is in place.

There are a lot of different manufacturers of waterbeds nowadays and there are a lot of unique designs to suit the customers' tastes. Prices would vary from the designs and the features of the waterbed. You can buy online or you could go to the nearest furniture shop to actually see the bed. Look out for end of season sales to avail of this amazing and innovative product.